Rio Clothing formally known as "FINAOrio" was created in 2007 after the sudden passing of honorary founder which the brand is name of Mario Quentin Mcroyal. FINAOrio an acronym meaning "Failure is Not an Option when your Real Initiative Oriented" was an empowering slogan to anyone dealing with adversity and become the driving force behind the brand.

Since July of 2007 the Rio brand has been designing, producing, and selling clothing on a small scale. The brand is meant to encourage positivity, inspire uniqueness, and applaud determination to strive towards greatness.

In a world where average is accepted, they want us to conform to the norm. Still we strive to be the difference and defy the odds that are set against us. Our message is contagious to ambitious, Real Initiative Oriented put your best foot forward in anything that you do because you only fail when you don't try.

Rio Clothing